Private Lessons:

In-person / online

I believe in providing structured freedom, letting students learn at their own speed and according to their own interests. I provide uniquely crafted exercises focusing on, but not limited to, reed manipulation, tone production and technique. After providing a detailed explanation, I observe to make sure the student grasps the fundamental concepts. My goal is to have the student become self-directed, while I offer help and guidance.

Switching over to the Oboe / Bassoon:

Switching over can sometimes be a bumpy road, having previous knowledge and skill on another instrument (woodwind/brass), sometimes students create poor embouchure, air and postural habits that will take a long time to break. I help students understand what is required to play the oboe/bassoon, such as proper posture/finger position and embouchure/air/reed balance. This balance between the embouchure, air and reed is the foundation of oboe playing, without it properly laid there will be many struggles.

warm, responsive, stable, and flexible in all registers

My reeds are slowly scrapped, crafted to perfection and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest possible quality. This process takes several hours over a period of days and sometimes weeks, depending on how many orders I am working on at a time. From amateurs to professionals in major orchestras all over the world, my clients value my reeds because of the time and attention that I invest into each individual reed, to ensure them of superior quality and consistency.

*I also make and sell professional reeds, which are made from more expensive materials, but the scrape, time and work that goes into all my reeds is the same.

Please email me for rates and if you have any questions:

Structured music lessons significantly enhance children’s cognitive abilities — including language-based reasoning, short-term memory, planning and inhibition — which lead to improved academic performance.

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Dr. Ana Isabel Ayala