Policies 2021-2022:

I want my students to enjoy playing their instrument and to become better musicians. Whether that means pursuing a new hobby for fun or studying for college auditions, I want to make this an enjoyable learning experience. During your lessons please be prepared to work on scales, etudes, and solo repertoire. If you need help with orchestra, band, or other ensemble music, please bring that to your lesson.


Fall/Spring Semester

*Fall Semester: August-December

*Spring Semester: January-May

Payment options 4, 8, or full semester (20 Lessons)

*students accepted mid-semester


Option 1 –  6 Lessons

Option 2 – 8 Lessons

Tuition Fees:

Please expect a $5 yearly cost of living tuition increase in 2021-2022.

Your tuition is non-refundable and exclusively reserves a specific block of time. Unlike other professions, I cannot resell this time nor will I create extra teaching time in which to give lessons due to limited availability.

Tuition fees covers three things:

      1. Time I spend with the student in their lesson.
      2. Time I spend outside of the lesson: preparing individual lesson plans, making reeds, bookkeeping, developing teaching materials, membership/participation in professional associations to enhance teaching skills. 
      3. Time I’ve spent over the years: earning degrees, experience teaching and performing.

Registration Fee

A yearly, non-refundable registration fee of $30 for new students and $20 for returning students. Students maybe be enrolled at any point during the year.

Late Fee

Any payments received after your lesson start time will have a $20 late fee will be applied.

Missed and Cancelled Lessons:

Missed lessons (no-shows) will forfeit tuition.

Cancellations/reschedules with less than 72 hours notice will forfeit tuition. 

No make up lessons will be offered for any reason. (Make-up lessons will only be given in the event of teacher cancellation.)

Rescheduling Lessons:

Be sure to choose a lesson time that is one in which you feel confident that you will have no other conflicts. 

Please let me know ASAP when you need to change your lesson time, a minimum of at least 72 hours notice is required. Please limit reschedules to no more than 3 times per semester.

Please notify me as soon as your child is ill, Doctor’s note required. Remember, no credits are given for missed lessons.

Inclement Weather offers two options: (for in-person students)

    1. LIVE Virtual Lesson: via Zoom during your scheduled lesson time. 
    2. Submission and Feedback Lesson: students will create a video of prepared material for Dr. Ayala to evaluate and respond to during your lesson time. 

Sickness and Emergencies

To prevent the spread of disease, sick students should not attend lessons. 

Submission and Feedback Lesson: students will create a video of prepared material for Dr. Ayala to evaluate and respond to before the next scheduled lesson time. 


Teacher may terminate lessons due to negative behavior or failure to comply with studio expectations. 

Any termination initiated by a parent/student requires 1 month written notice (email or hard copy letter) AND 1 month of paid lessons, (4 lessons paid in full). Written notice AND complete payment of ALL 4 lessons needs to be made at the same time in order to indicate the 1 month countdown to your last lesson.

At the date and time of formal notification, any lessons you have already paid for will be counted towards these final 4 lessons. If you give notice before your lesson, that lesson counts toward your 4, if you give notice after your lesson that lesson does not count. 

Example 1: Notice is given on December 10th AFTER your lesson and you have already paid for December 17th, you still need to pay for THREE more lessons.

Example 2: Notice is given on December 10th BEFORE your lesson and you have already paid for December 17th, you still need to pay for TWO more lessons.

Oboe Reeds:

Not all oboe reeds are the same quality: store-bought reeds are generally made by machines, the quality is poor and inconsistent. I only recommend using high quality hand-made reeds.

Not all oboe reeds are priced the same: cheap hand-made reeds are sometimes unusable (you wasted your money) due to structural defects/poor scraping.

You may purchase reeds directly from me or from a reliable source you have found of high-quality handmade reeds.

Please be aware that I run a successful online reed business and have multiple orders at one time, my clients generally wait 3-5 weeks for their custom reeds to be carefully crafted.

I generally provide high-quality handmade reeds to my students, I only ask that you give me at least 7 days notice when you need a new reed. 

Caution about playing on 1 reed for too long, when a student plays on a reed for too many weeks the fibers breakdown causing; small opening, intonation problems, unhealthy sound, and overall bad playing habits. It will also make playing a new reed very difficult.

Students should have 3 working reeds at all times.

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