Online Coaching

Online Oboe Coaching:

Oboe Coaching:

  1. A detailed weekly practice plan, unique tailored for the student. 
  2. Unlimited feedback on vidoes/recordings.
  3. Video/Audio request of me playing.
  4. Access to my personal Electronic Library of sheet music.

Reed Making Coaching:

Reeds are very sensitive! They can change with moisture dry weather, temperature, altitude, and various other factors. These changes can take place over long or short periods of time, and can also take place during the reed journey to you. **It is important to understand that this might imply that you adjust the reed when it arrives, so that the reed’s playing characteristics match your personal desires. The reed is not over scraped and there is room for clipping. ***Please feel free to contact me directly. I will help guide you on how to make any reed adjustments.

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