Awesome-N-Amazing Reeds

Professional Oboe Reed

The Professional Oboe Reed has a warm, dark sound and is comfortable to play.


  • Rigotti Professional Cane
  • Chiarugi 47 2 brass staples
  • Rigotti silver staples
  • RDG M+ Shape


  • pitch
  • color
  • stability between octaves
  • response
  • openness
  • healthy resistance
  • dynamic facility 

*Recommended for Professional/Advanced players.

Advanced student Oboe Reed

The Advanced Oboe Reed  has a good sound, is comfortable to play and is made from slightly softer cane.


  • Rigotti cane
  • 47 mm brass synthetic cork staple 
  • RDG M+ Shaper Tip


  • Pitch
  • Color
  • stability between octaves
  • Response
  • Openness
  • slightly less resistant (softer cane)

*Recommended for Advanced players and those with 2 years of experience playing the oboe.

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Ana Isabel Ayala
Professional Reed-Maker